Mike Wilson | Filmmaker

Mile Wilson
Chasing and bending the light helps me capture beauty in the simplest things. Whether that be long grasses beachside, or a glass of water on your desk, the pursuit of capturing how light interacts with the ‘everyday’ has long been a fascination of mine. 

My current bag of tricks includes old faced glass vases, mirrors, glass domes and champagne flutes. I tend to either shoot through the glass objects, or refract light off the edges of the glass to give the images more of an organic, analogue feel. These weird and wonderful objects also give the images areas of bokeh light, a ‘soft’ areas that help give depth to the frame. 

The latest addition to my kit is the Lensbender. It gives me everything I’m after with speed and total control. It takes next to no time to attach, and offers up untold creative opportunities, and superb results. As a Director, I love the dreamy feeling it delivers when shooting motion. It’s great in all sorts of lighting situations, is outstanding when you’re up close and personal with a subject, and is completely secure. It even keeps your sensor protected. 

If you’ve ever thought about experimenting with freelensing, make sure you shoot your first frame with Lensbender, I couldn’t recommend it enough.